Strut Your Mutt, The Race to End Animal Cruelty

Bark Side of the Moon

Please join me and Max as we support the SPCA of Texas!
STRUT YOUR MUTT is an amazing event with proceeds benefiting the SPCA of Texas and their effort to end animal cruelty. In a typical year, the SPCA of Texas' nine-member Animal Cruelty Unit responds to 4,000 calls and rescues more than 2,000 abandoned or cruelly treated animals in 7 North Texas counties. Additionally their education and outreach programs reach more than 20,000 Texans each year with a message of compassion and responsibility.
I am asking you to help by supporting my fundraising efforts with a donation, join our team and join us at the event! Please bring your 4 legged friend for a 5K or a 3K walk/fun run. Beer and Food provided as well as FUN! If you can't make it....your donation is still appreciated!
Thank you for supporting the SPCA of Texas. Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference in the lives of many! I will be volunteering at the event and hope to see you there!
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